Andy Carroll has held the position of Managing Director with Preston CPA since joining the firm in 2008. In addition to overseeing the Accounting Department he directs the firm’s operations and gives strategic guidance and direction to the staff to ensure that the firm’s goals and objectives are achieved and in line with the current mission and future vision of the firm.

With Nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Andy brings extensive business experience to the firm. He yields expertise in corporate policies, operations, budgeting, and the development and maintenance of Total Quality Management systems to ensure that the firm complies with all statutory regulations.

Prior to entering the private business world, Andy worked in academia as a college dean and instructor teaching curriculum development. Andy’s college teaching background combined with his entrepreneurial experience and business accounting expertise, makes him uniquely qualified to help clients better understand their finances and achieve their business goals. It is his love for quality and order that allows him to be an indispensable contributor to the firm, it’s vendors, partners and clients.

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