Preston Group provides core expertise and knowledge in two significant areas, Finance and Advertising. Providing services to support individual and commercial clients specifically with Financial Analysis, Audit Readiness and Compliance, Administrative and General Management Consulting Services, Marketing Management and Consulting Services, Graphic Design, Video Production and Photography.
Company Snapshot

DUNS: 614822273
SBA 8(a) Certified through 1/08/2024
Certified Public Accountants

8(a) Information
Business Operations Specialist – Brian Murden
SBA Georgia District Office
233 Peachtree Street NE Suite 1900
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 331-0100 ext 509

Core Competencies

Project Management
• Contract Management
• PMO setup, oversight, & management
• General Administrative consulting services
• SOW definition and scoping

Enterprise Risk Management Activities/Financial/Audits
• Enterprise risk management and monitoring
• OMB A-123, A-133 Audit, and A-134, A-136
• Agreed upon procedures & performance audits e.g. internal controls or compliance)
• Financial statements & data analysis

Engineering/Technical Services
• Technical writing, work cards, manuals, work instructions and redlining
• Project engineering resources for structural, electrical, design, aeronautical, aviontics, and project liaison services
• Product design (concept to production)
• Certification and testing

General Administrative Services
• Manage day to day operations
• Accounting & Finance SME
• Human Resources and Staffing Management
• Administrative support services

Marketing Management and Consulting
• Marketing Consulting
• Strategic Management
• Provide advice and guidance on marketing strategy
• Marketing Planning Development and Implementation

Video Production, Photography and Graphic Design
• Commercials, television, production
• Providing videotaping for special events and marketing
• Digital Portrait and Commercial Photography
• Visual Information Production


• Certified Public Accountants with over 40+ years of combined experience
• Expert marketers with over 30 + years of combined agency and brand experience, including armed forces
• Detailed oriented with focus on quality and efficiency to improve performance for our clients
• Ability to supplement areas of expertise with specialize teaming partners due to our trusted work ethics and accessibility of our various clients
• Maintain the highest professionalism and integrity in all our dealings


541211 – Offices of Certified Public Accountants
541611 – Administrative & General Management
541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services
541330 – Engineering Services
541921 – Photography Studios, Portrait
512110 – Motion Picture and Video Production
541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
541430 – Graphic Design Services

PSC Codes

R704 – Auditing Services
R703 – Accounting Services
R710 – Financial Services
R408 – Program Management/Support Services
T001 – Arts-Graphic Services
T006 – Film/Video Tape Production Services

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